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For 25 years, we  are raising the standard of car retailing with one of the most innovative and reliable used vehicle programmes ever created.

A comprehensive range of luxury vehicles as standard has evolved over time and, today, drivers can leave the forecourt with total reassurance and peace of mind.

We'll drive you from the airport to your hotel, from your hotel to your restaurant, and if you need it, we can go to pick-up your special company of the day and take her back home safely when your night is over.

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Leave your car with us while you run errands, keep appointments or go for a walk. When you return, your car will be clean as new, inside and out.

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Our industry is a growing business from where it started. A lot has changed but only one thing that has never changed, their goals and the services they offer. In fact a lot has come up to support the business. Including the non-profit organization National Limousine Authority (NLA), it was founded in 1985 to defend the interests of the chauffeured transportation industry, regardless of what position one is. There is also a Limo industry social network that is meant to pull more clients. It is an easy way of getting clients and vice versa.

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When choosing a party bus it is good to find one that suits you. So how do you know is suitable?

Well there are many factors that you need to consider when choosing the party bus. Sometime we get dissatisfied from party bus services, but it is us to blame because we didn’t pick the right one that suited our occasion. Click MORE to discover some of the factors to consider - MORE

There are many ways you can decide to price shop for an item in general. The difference in all the methods is, was the money worth the item? This includes renting a limo. It is a good step to have already decided what car you want, the next thing is consider the model you want. Being precise helps narrow the prospects and save on time when searching for the prospect.

Click MORE to know everything.

Many have always had notion on the airport shuttle service being expensive. If you look outside the box you will notice driving your own car is much more expensive. It is hard to notice because it comes in many little expenses. Here are some of the benefits of using an airport shuttle service:

Benefits of an Airport Shuttle Service vs. Driving Your Own Car

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All in all, our industry is a billion dollar business that as a client you will nor regretting hiring it.

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Professional drivers
They are professional driver for a reason. They have been trained to handle heavy traffic jam and they know many alternative route than you do. Ever hear about the New York traffic? They will ensure you get to the airport safely and on time, so why not book a Long Island limo instead of worrying. They offers you a chance to relax and be in peace with yourself, others time to rehearse on their important presentations. Precious time that you can’t get anywhere else.

Parking space
Driving your own car means finding a place to park your car and that comes with a fee. The fact that you will have to pay for all the days you won’t be around is even more frustrating. After parking, you not sure if you will find your car in the same parking space hence you are not at rest. Airport shuttle service will just drop you off and you be on your way as a cost free person.

Wear and tear
With parking comes wear and tear of your car especially you haven’t left it under a shade. You will have to buy fuel to get to your destination, you will also need to start driving very early so you could reach on time. You will eventually be tired and exhausted before you get to the airport. In case you prolong your trip your car will incur more expense and may ending getting parking tickets.

Better services to offer
Compared to you driving and being on an airport shuttle service. You will actually enjoy the latter. This is because they try their best to make you feel at home before getting home. You can put on music and sleep and be assured you safely get to your destination.

Cost efficient
A lot of expenses are incurred when driving your own car for instance parking fee, fuel, wear and tear. I told you it is hard to notice because you pay little several times in a day. The expense incurred is more than just booking an airport shuttle service. Also consider all the hassle you will go through thinking where to park or even fuel, or will my car be safe? When all you could do is just dial a number and everything is planned for you.

Helps in creating a strong relationship bond
You think is far-fetched? But guess what? I am right and you know it. In case you want to create great moments with your loved one the best option is getting airport shuttle services. These helps to create time for your loved one which you could not have found when driving, being careful not to hit any car or frustrated that you will not get there in time. Every minutes count when you with your loved one and the best thing to do is create time for them.

The next thing you need to consider is how much you are willing to spend.
Is it reasonable? We would want to spend a dollar on buying limo but it is impossible. Be logic and real when considering how much you are willing to spend to buy the limo. Are you going to pay full amount of cash on the spot or do you need a plan on how you will be paying? In case you do need a finance plan, ensure that the seller knows of that.

Do your homework. Most seller victimize clients who have no clue of the prices of the items. Even before you go to the store, have a rough idea of the features of the car you want and what is the price. You can also google and check on the best places that sell the merchandise. A good way of knowing if they offer high quality product service id the customer review which is usually at the bottom of the website page. This gives you an insight of whether it is the best place to buy.

After figuring what type of car you need and the money you are ready to sacrifice then you are ready to shop. Ensure you go to as many shops at possible and inquire the price. When you’ve gotten enough data, sit down and consider the prices. Which one offered the best price and in this case the lowest price. Again always think twice when the deal is too nice. Hence is good to pick the 3 lowest price and go back to the shops.

Take your time and look carefully and scrutinize the car. If you are not an expert, look for an honest expert who can assist and guide you. They will help you know if the limo is of high quality or is it a fake. This ensures no seller will con you or play around with your money.

If you got the car you want and it is a fair price. The next thing you should consider is negotiating. Or as others call it bargaining. I prefer negotiating. Tell them the highest price you are willing to pay. They will also ask you to add more money on top. Don’t give in easily. If you will take the whole day negotiating then let it be. Ensure you are speaking to the sale manager and not an employee who is under him. It is a bit hard to negotiate with an employee because there is no certainty. You can threaten to leave and give them your number in case they change their mind. High chances is you always get the car and I can tell you one thing you are well satisfied!

Consider your occasion
Is it formal or informal? Ensure you tell the company about the occasion, clearly explain how many will be in the party. How long you going to be in the car. If it is a long journey they need to provide entertainment as well as rest rooms. Make sure you don’t hold back on what occasion it is. Because it is a major factor that determine your party bus.

This is always a factor when buying or hiring any item. Get to know what type of party buses are there and which you can afford. How do they change in terms of hour or point to point travel? Is it comfortable and worth you paying is something you should consider. What makes a party a ‘party’ is the freedom to relax.

Party bus feature
Don’t be deceived, every party bus comes with its own features and price. Look at the features and are they important for a party or not. For instance a party bus with no TV would not affect the party at all because no one watches TV when in a party but if it has no audio speakers then it loses the meaning of being a party. This way you will get a party bus that will definitely bring the hype on.

Confirm date and time
If you do not confirm the date and time, you may end up getting what you didn’t bargain for in the last minute. Which may be a waste of time. Take your time and ensure the party bus company have reserved it on the day and time you prefer. It is also good to book days before the special occasion, this decreases the chance that you will be disappointed and don’t get the party bus you wanted.

Personalization of the party bus
For you to go and reserve a party bus, it is because there is a special occasion that you are planning for. Every occasion has different features and the décor is reacted on differently. Hence ensure you tell the party bus company the occasion and give them an idea on how you want the bus to be decorated and look like. They will also stock what you want like bear and wine. You also get the chance to choose what music to be played. In some party bus company, they offer DJ services in your party.

Get to experience fun in a different and unique way through the party buses. You don’t need to get the wrong party bus for your special occasion. Make sure you have talked to the party bus company and given them clear detail of what you want on your special occasion. It is as simple as it sounds.

The limo industry is a growing business from where it started. A lot has changed but only one thing that has never changed, their goals and the services they offer. In fact a lot has come up to support the business. Including the non-profit organization National Limousine Authority (NLA), it was founded in 1985 to defend the interests of the chauffeured transportation industry, regardless of what position one is. There is also a Limo industry social network that is meant to pull more clients. It is an easy way of getting clients and vice versa.

It should be noted that it was named after the famous long car, the limousine. It was one of the famous cars that many people loved to hire. As days went by the limousine popularity faded and the chauffeured transport industry had to stretch their services. They started using other elegant cars to provide services including Sedan and SUV. If you’ve noticed I used the word; Chauffeured Transportation Industry, this is a name that many prefer to limo industry.

It is simple how this business works. If you need to be transported from one point to another, all you got to do is contact them and reserve a car. You can contact them through social media, website or even the traditional way, dialing their number. A good limo industry will quickly respond to your call and offer you high quality services. Their major goal is not only to take you to your destination but to create an experience that one has always dreamt off. Their cars are always clean and stocked with what the client request.

They have become famous in taking wedded couple or to be wedded couples to their wedding, honey moon and even parties.

The cars are not just for fun but also for someone who wants to go to a business meeting and needs to be there urgently.

It has its own advantage; if you are a new person in a new place, it can be very hard to know your whereabouts, reserving a car from the limo industry, can actually be a good idea you are able to know your way instead of getting lost. It is also good for the tourist because they have all the time to explore a city and enjoy unique scenic views. It is also the safest way to get to your destination, guarantees you won’t be mugged or abused. High chances you will get to your destination on time compared to public car services. You also enjoy the classy look that it portrays on you. Above all it definitely guarantees fun.

It also has its downfall, thanks to the social media one can be able to know when you will be picked up and dress as one of the company chauffeur. They can be murderers or even thieves. These are cases that have been heard of around the world. Hence it is very wise to be cautious but that should not ruin your fun.

All in all, limo industry is a billion dollar business that as a client you will nor regretting hiring it.


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